How metal is used in art

Metallic art is any form of art created from ores of the earth including gold, an aluminium plate, silver, bronze, iron, lead and tin. Different items including human size sculptures, abstract art and even small artistic items can be crafted from the variety of metals. But why is metal artwork popular? And how can metal be used to make something unique?

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Popularity of metallic art

One of the greatest advantages of using an aluminium plate and other metals to create art is their durability and ability to withstand different weather conditions. This implies that metal art can be placed virtually anywhere without worry of extensive and accelerated damage by weather elements. Some metals pride themselves in being able to retain their colour, shape and characters over decades.

Metal art is also popular owing to the fact that it promotes creativity. The metals can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes without losing their characteristics. Therefore, the metal can even be remoulded into something else, if the original art is no longer appeasing or in the case that the owner's tastes and preferences have changed. In addition to this, metals can be painted using different paints to enhance the beauty of the art.

How metals can be used to create unique art

As mentioned earlier, the metals can be crafted into any shape and size -- whether abstract or a real life item- without losing their durability and other characteristic. The creativity of the artistes is therefore not limited when working with metallic items and this freedom has led to spectacular pieces.

Metals have the ability to react with different chemicals and heat to produce unique colours that are hard to achieve with paint on other elements. These colours can be retained by the metal for a long period of time ensuring that the uniqueness of the art is timeless. Besides, different elements may have unique undertones that can be enhanced with heat or grinding to give the art a unique hue.

Metal art can play multiple roles in a home including functional and decorative roles. For example, an artistic chair could have both decorative and functional capabilities in a home. The multiplicity of functions of an artistic piece may be hard to achieve when using other materials such as clay or wood. This may also reduce the costs of furnishing and decorating a home or office space.

Artistes started using metal to create art a long time ago and therefore metal can be considered medieval art. However, the same metal can be designed to exhume class and elegance. The combination of medieval and modern elegance brings about unique and irresistible artistic pieces. This character also makes metals great in producing state of the art pieces for use in commercial areas, high end homes, and palatial grounds and so on.

The use of metal to create art is limitless. However, the artiste must also understand how to choose the best quality metal for use, colour combinations, the best processes and tools to use to create the art as well as how to play around with the metals for unique pieces.